Sorin Pavelesco is a multi-award winning Video Content Producer and Branding Specialist with a background in Graphic Design and Music Production. His love for storytelling comes from his agency days where he developed his branding expertise by working on projects for Intrawest, Hyatt, Hard Rock, Four Seasons, to name but a few, winning 23 Design Awards as Art Director for Ryan & Deslauriers between 1997-2007. In 2019 he obtained 2 professional design certifications: DGA title in Quebec and CGD title in Canada. In late 2020 Sorin submitted two short COVID-19 films to numerous international festivals, “Message To Future Generations” (poetic film) and “Hearts And Stripes” (short documentary), earning a total of 53 Film Awards (Canada, USA, Italy, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and India). "Hearts And Stripes" was featured on WPBS on January 23, 2020.

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